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Product Information
Visual Concepts (a part of 2K Sports) entices console gamers and sports fans back to the virtual NBA arenas with a selection of new and refined control features. Foremost, the game's new "Shot Stick" mechanic lets players to steer their shots with the right analog stick, allowing them to throw off defenders with timing and finesse."Dual Player Control" promotes teamwork on the floor, as the D-pad can be used to set up quick outlet passes, give-and-gos, and even alley-oops. The "Strip and Rip" system is designed to allow skilled defenders a better chance at picking off a pass, if they can anticipate its direction.Along with all of the real-life stars of the NBA, gamers can create their own pro baler character, and see to his training and development through the game's new "24/7" feature. Gamers can follow their custom players on and off the court, to manage all sorts of individual activities, from personal training to big-money endorsement deals.Once again, 2K Sports' "V.I.P." system allows for competition against A.I. profiles modeled after the playing styles real-life gamers. The game's "Association" franchise mode puts players at the top of their favorite organization, with the power to hire coaches and scouts, follow prospective draft picks, and receive feedback from players, coaches, and fans.
Product Identifiers
Publisher 2K Games
Game NBA 2K6
UPC 5026555242431, 710425298202
Product ID (ePID) 46945923
Key Features
Platform Microsoft Xbox
ESRB Rating E - Everyone
Genre Sports
Location USA
Tech Details
Control Elements Gamepad/Joystick
Number of Players 1-4
Release Year 2005
Game Special Features Use the right analog stick to perform finger rolls, fadeaways, dunks, and moreSend teammates into motion with dual player controlPerfect your street skills and compete in the Entertainer's Basketball ClassicHire a coaching staff, scout draft picks, and participate in drills to keep players in top shape during franchise modeXbox Live support for custom leagues, tournaments, street games, and more
Game Series NBA 2K Series

PNP Games NBA 2K6 [E] DISC ONLY USED Microsoft Original XBOX Game. Incomplete. For Game Disc(s) only. Game is missing the manual and Original Case, comes with Generic Case or Paper Sleeve.Note: Can be played on the Microsoft Original XBOX Only. (Most Microsoft Original XBOX Games work on the Microsoft XBOX 360 as well. Please check http://www.xbox.com/en-US/games/backwardcompatibilitygameslist.htm for details.)Item is guaranteed to be working and is backed by a 45-day guarantee. Product Details
Game Format: CD/DVD Game (NTSC)
Contents: Includes Game Disc (NTSC), and Generic Case/Paper Sleeve Only
Item Condition: Item is used, tested, guaranteed to be working and is backed by a 90-day guarantee.
Manufacturer: 2K Games
Platform: Microsoft Xbox
UPC: 710425298202
Part #: NBA-2K6-XB-I
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